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Gallery Project
215 South Fourth Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Dates: May 10 through June 18, 2006
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-9 pm, Sunday, noon-4 pm
Opening Reception: Friday, May 12, 6-9 pm



April 4, 2006 - Today we live in a culture surrounded by ubiquitous devices driven by 1's and 0's. Digital technology has for years opened the door to explore new possibilities in the process of artmaking.


Unlike paint, stone, or clay, the digital is both a tool and medium. It has the power to assist us in the creation of objects, from 3D modeling, visualization, manipulation, automated output, rapid prototyping, and serialization. It can assist in manifesting the impossible in both real and virtual spaces. The digital has the power to transform our existing tools, to change and alter existing technologies. It can graft itself onto objects altering the processes and materials of artists. The digital is malleable; it has no shape, giving power to any artist limited only by their imagination. The digital is constantly evolving; it is its very nature to change. It is ephemeral.


The work in this exhibition represents artists using the digital as both tool and medium. It is a survey of art in which a digital interface - the 1's and 0's driving a computer, cell phone camera, or other device - affect the process of making at some point in time during the creation of the "object." The art manifests itself as sculpture, video, photography, drawings and paintings, music, interactive installations, 'net art, games, and clothing. It can be viewable, clickable, playable, downloadable, portable, wearable, tangible, and intangible.


The exhibition features the work of 13 local and regional artists, including Danielle Aubert, Justin Bakse, Colin Blakely, Rocco De Pietro III, Heather Elliott-Famularo, Jonathan Keller, Heidi Kumao, Ryan Molloy, Scott Owsley, Ben Ridgway, Michael Rodemer, Gary Schwartz, and Elona Van Gent. The exhibit is curated by Ryan Molloy from Eastern Michigan University's Art Department.


Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative. Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking. Spring-Summer hours are: Tuesday-Saturday, noon-9; Sunday, noon-4; closed Mondays.