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Gallery Project presents Myth of Difference, a multi-media exhibit featuring disabled and non-disabled artists whose art reflects the joys and sorrows of being different.  The artists move beyond positive images and tokenism to celebrate the depth and heft of being different.


The exhibit opens at noon on Wednesday, January 9 and continues through 4pm on Sunday, February 17.  The reception is Friday, January 11.  


Myths hold truth for us, and yet we shape them anew every time we cite them. They are like crystals. In them we see and feel ourselves differently – refracted and shimmering between individual story and wider cultural image. The seduction of difference asks who sees, who touches, who moves, and what moves beyond. What are the ethics of our encounters with physical, sensorial, mental, and aesthetic difference?


Difference emerges as a multileveled, crystalline experience -- part of a group, all lonely, discriminated against, and aware of the aesthetic opportunities offered through seeing the world with different eyes, moving in it with different bodies, and knowing with a difference.


The exhibit is curated by Gallery Project collaborator and University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College professor of photography, Lisa Steichmann, and University of Michigan professor Petra Kuppers who has joint appointments with the departments of English Language and Literatures, Woman Studies, Theater and Drama, and Theater and Dance.


Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative.  Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking.  Artists representing a diverse range of visual arts curate and participate in its nine annual themed exhibits.


Gallery Project is located at 215 South Fourth Avenue in Ann Arbor. Gallery hours are: Tuesday through Thursday, noon to 6; Friday and Saturday, noon to 9; and Sunday, noon to 4. The gallery is closed on Mondays. For more information, call 734-997-7012 or visit the website at