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Gallery Project presents Obsession, a multi-media exhibit showcasing works by artists dedicated to process of creating art in a meticulous and detailed way. The exhibit opens noon on Wednesday, March 4, and runs until 4 on Sunday, April 12. The reception is March 6, from 6-9.


In Obsession, artists employ labor-intensive and painstaking art making methods to create their work. The artist’s obsessive nature is demonstrated in the choice of subject matter, material, and creative process. The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, and concept acts as the catalyst for performing trivial or repetitive actions that culminates in highly process-based work derived from this obsessive and/or compulsive state.


Artists in the exhibit include among others Patrick Burton, Addie Langford, David Parker, Brent Fogt, Kelly Salchow MacArthur, d’Ann de Simone, Namim Kim, Michelle Word, Alisa Henriquez, Julie Tesser, Chris Schneider, Elizabeth Alexander, and Blake Williams.


The exhibit is curated by Cristen Velliky, a Gallery Project collaborator and artist from The University of Michigan (Flint) and Jae Won Lee an artist from Michigan State University.


Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative. Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking. Gallery Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is located at 215 South Fourth Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Winter gallery hours are: Tuesday through Thursday, noon to 6; Friday and Saturday, noon to 9; and Sunday, noon to 4. The gallery is closed on Mondays. For more information, please call 734-997-7012 or contact us through our website: