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January 13 to February 21

Opening Reception: Wednesday,January 13, from 6-9pm.


Gallery Project presents In Spite of the Evidence, a multimedia exhibit in which 32 artists explore the human tendency to cling to irrational ideas in the face of indisputable facts.  The exhibit opens on Wednesday January 13 and runs to February 21, 2010. 

People often adhere to groundless and irrational beliefs about religion, politics, war, evolution, race, health, the afterlife, environmental issues, and the very nature of the universe. Rather than challenge their own beliefs in the face of data, they look for confirmatory information that reinforces their beliefs.  There is no shortage of such information in the mass media, on the Internet, and from individuals who are skilful manipulators of the public’s fears and desires.  A disturbing result is that a large segment of the population lives in perpetual ignorance often resulting in poor life decisions.  The nation and democracy also suffer from an uninformed citizen base.

Artists in the exhibit challenge viewers to consider the evidence for what they think and what they believe and refine their own conclusions.

The artists represented are: Kyohei Abe, Amna Asghar, Madeleine Barkey, Jef Bourgeau, Rocco DePietro, Andrea Eis, Gary Eleinko, Brent Fogt, Mary Fortuna, Joe Gohl, John Gutoskey, Adrian Hatfield, Melissa Jones, Shaqe Kalaj, Cyrus Karimipour, Esther Kirshenbaum, Paul Marquardt, Paul McMullan, Sherry Moore, Scott Northrup, Frank Pahl, Catherine Peet, Teresa Petersen, Gloria Pritschet, Mike Richison, Stephen William Schudlich, Mike Sivak, Clint Snider, Amanda Thatch, Andrew Thompson, Vagner M. Whitehead, and Alison Wong.

The exhibit is curated by Jack O. Summers.


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