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Gallery Project presents Mind, a multimedia exhibit in which 33 seek to represent depictions and interpretations of what we commonly call mind.  It brings together artists who speak of mind, whether recalling and interpreting, depicting and conveying, questioning and questing, or dreaming and fantasizing. 

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, February 24 and runs through March 28.  The opening reception is Friday, February 26 from 6-9.

Artists in the exhibit include Heather Accurso, Ken Anbender, Richard Barnes, Pi Benio, Sarah Berkeley,  Holly Brevig, Coco Bruner, Robert Bruner,  Sarah Buckius, Loralei Byatt, Rocco DePietro, Andrea Eis, Lynn Galbreath, Matt Gordon, Nicole Gordon, J. Brett Grill, Darien Johnson, Joe Johnson, Andrew Jones, Cyrus Karimipour, Kathleen Letts, Beili Liu, Collin McRae, Julie Miller, Juan Javier Pescador, Gloria Pritschet, Colin Raymond, Terri Sarris, Bethany Shorb, Mike Sivak, Nelson Smith,  Elysia Vandenbussche, and Sarah Williams.

Mind represents the depths and breadth of human capacity, an infinitely expandable process the content of which is limited only by individual imagination and creativity. It also entails the interface with the unknown whether it is called the Higher Self, God, or Infinity.


In contemporary life, mind is both a real and virtual concept.  Categorizations of Mind, such as consciousness, the subconscious, the unconscious, the preconscious, and the Superconscious. have been analyzed and described.  Scientists study cognitive structures such as schema and investigate complex mental processes.   In popular culture, filmmakers and others have explored the richness of virtual and imaginary worlds.  The tremendous popularity of movies such as AI, Avatar and District 9 attest to the fascination of the public with these imaginary worlds.  The Mind exhibit invites artists to share their awarenesses, intuitions and imaginings of these real and virtual worlds.


Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative.  Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking.  Gallery Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  It is located at 215 South Fourth Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Fall/Winter gallery hours: Tuesday through Thursday, noon-6; Friday and Saturday, noon-9; and Sunday, noon-4. The gallery is closed on Mondays.  For more information, please call 734-997-7012 or contact us through our website: