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Animal Farm


Gallery Project presents Animal Farm, a multimedia exhibit in which local and regional artists offer a wide spectrum of responses to George Orwell’s great dystopian novel.  By doing so, they provide insight into origins and expressions of human intimidation, power and control. The exhibit opens on Wednesday, June 16 and runs through Sunday, July 15. The opening reception is Friday, June 18, from 6-9.
The Modern Library List of the Best 20th Century Novels places Animal Farm at #31.  Though it is specifically anti-Stalin, today it reads as an allegory against Fascism and the corrupting influence of unchecked power.  This exhibition will be an opportunity for artists to respond to the novel, or more specifically to animal rights and/or the politics of power.  Artists are also encouraged to create artwork that explores the human-like qualities to be found in animals and the beast-like qualities that can be found in mankind. 
Is the widespread belief among people of faith that animals do not have souls a rationalization for the abuses heaped on beasts of burden and the existence of factory farming?  Is the soul overrated?  This is less a call for soapboxes than a call for a wide spectrum of responses to Animal Farm.

Contributors to the exhibit include: Heather Accurso, Curtis Bartone, Jamie Berlant, Brian Ciupka, Rocco DePietro, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, William Lewis Frederick, Temple Grandin, Maurice Greenia, Craig Hinshaw, Jeri Hollister, Gwen Joy, Jennifer Jenkins, Tim Lowly, Paul Marquardt, Bert Menco, Vince Mountain, Audrey Niffenegger, Frank Pahl, Jim Pallas, Dennis Palmer, Endi Poskovic, Gloria Pritschet, Terri Sarris, David Van Ness and Alison Wong. The exhibit is curated by Heather Accurso and Frank Pahl.


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