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The generous support we received from many generous individual contributors and patrons has made it possible for us to continue Gallery Project in its new phase of operation. We are very appreciative of our board in their planning and fundraising efforts, and our gallery associates for their assistance with programming, operations, and logistics. Some of our board members help with these, too. We are also appreciative of the more than 140,000 visitors who attended our 70 plus exhibits at our former location at 215 South Fourth Avenue in downtown Ann Arbor and the more than 10,000 monthly visitors to our website:





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Contributors to Gallery Project 2005-2012


$5,000+: Gallery Patron (The Surrealists)

Julio O. DePietro
Rocco DePietro and Gloria Pritschet
Stan Mendenhall and Robin Wilt



$1,000-4,9990: Gallery Sponsor (The Futurists)

Vince Frappier
Pricilla Rogers
Ellen Wilt



$500-$999: Sustaining Member (The Dadaists)

Arbor Brewing Company
Beili Liu
Cameron Foundation



$100-499: Supporting Members (Cubists)

John Azzolini
Karen and Al Gallup
Larry and Jean Cressman
Nan and Ian Hatch
Nicole Jacquard
Charles and Kathleen Letts
Bill and Lois Lovejoy
Donald MacGregor
John Mitani



$0-100: Contributing Member (The Impressionists)

Cathy Brito-Valladares
Stephen Brown
Peter Bugg
Barbara Carson-McHale
Lynda Cole
Daniel Cooney
Christina Day
Marnie Fender
Mallory Hall
Pamela Hayes
Janel Kelman
Christy Kelly-Bentgen
Jennifer Kensok
Reena Liberman
Brian Liljeblad
Scott Mann
Anita and Barry McKay
Nancy Collin McRae
Bernard Menco
Tobias Mixer
Catherine Royer
Sandy Ryder
Lynn Sipher
Leslie Stone
Nancy Stone

d'Ann de Simone

Carol and Mitch Fleischer

Colleen and Ed Weiss

Tanya Lutz

Vivienne Armetrout

Jo Ann Ward

John Mitani

Janice Milhem

Curtis Bartone

Gordon Ebbitt

Kris Randolph


If you have made a contribution to Gallery Project in one of these categories, and we have failed to list your name, please accept our apology and let us know, so that we can correct our error.