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Oil & Water


Gallery Project presents Oil and Water, a multi-media exhibition in which 32 local, regional and national artists explore two of the world’s most precious and sensuous substances. Oil and water shape world events. Nations rise and fall depending on how these essential resources are acquired and used. Wars are fought over them. Their use and misuse, scarceness and over-abundance impact people and nations around the world. Artworks in the exhibition explore this vast topic from a range of viewpoints, focusing literally and symbolically on the wet, the oily, and the impossible oppositional mix.


Heather Accurso, Vince Mountain, and Steve McShane


Contributors include: Heather Accurso, Curtis Bartone, Matthew Boonstra, Cory Christensen, Henry James Haver Crissman, Rocco DePietro, Heather Elliott-Famularo, Brian Ferriby, Michael Flynn, Bill Frederick, John Ganis, Michael Kareken, Mike Kelly, Steven Kuypers, Louise LeBourgeois, Ginny Maki, Steve McShane, Bert Menco, Vince Mountain, Audrey Niffenegger, James Noellert, Frank Pahl, Jim Pallas, Sean Patrick, Lisa Poszywak, Gloria Pritschet, Mary Rousseaux, Clare Rosean, Joshua Ray Smith, Eric Smith, Virginia Rose Terrence, and Dan Zamudio.