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Spatial Shift


Gallery Project presents Spatial Shift, a multimedia exhibit in which 26 local, regional, and national artists and film makers celebrate sensorial options to a flat, 2-D digital world. March 7 - May 15.


Many of our traditionally spatial experiences are flattening. We are becoming a society addicted to the digital screen—often in awe of its novelty and new capabilities. Technology can represent physical interaction through digital forms, but substantive experience with dimension is inherently omitted. As tactile relationships are condensed to the two-dimensional, much is lost in translation. Spatial Shift is a cultural phenomenon—a reaction to the coldness, abstraction, and disconnection of the digital world. It is a call to embrace the physical and dimensional, reuniting the 2-D and 3-D worlds for the sake of basic human experience through the five senses.

Contributors Include: Mary Ayling, Potter Belmar, Shawn Bitters, Andrew DeCaen, Rocco DePietro, Dana DePew, Adam Fure, Ashley Fure, Charles Jevremovic, HaRan Kim, Tomo Kobayashi, Jae Won Lee, Chris McNamara, Scott Northrup, Frank Pahl, Gloria Pritschet, Jen Proctor, Colin Raymond, Kelly Salchow MacArthur, Meagan Shein, Matt Shlian, Brian Spolans, Richard Sweeney, Renee van der Stelt, Crystal Wagner, and Edmund Zagorin.

Founded in April 2005, Gallery Project is a fine art collaborative directed by Rocco DePietro and Gloria Pritschet. Its mission is to provide a venue for contemporary art that is culturally aware, individualistic, courageous, and thought provoking. Gallery Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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